Parrot Ar Drone 2

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HD Video recording

Get high definition live video streaming to your smartphone or tablet as you are flying. See a clean, sharp image just as if you were in the pilot seat.

  • HD Camera. 720p 30fps

  • Wide angle lens : 92° diagonal

  • H264 encoding base profile

  • Low latency streaming

  • Video storage on the fly with the remote device

  • JPEG photo

  • Video storage on the fly with Wi-Fi directly on your remote device or on a USB key

Electronic assistance

AR.Drone 2.0 on-board technology gives you extreme precision control and automatic stabilization features.

  • 1GHz 32 bit ARM Cortex A8 processor with 800MHz video DSP TMS320DMC64x

  • Linux 2.6.32

  • 1Gbit DDR2 RAM at 200MHz

  • USB 2.0 high speed for extensions

  • Wi-Fi b,g,n

  • 3 axis gyroscope 2000°/second precision

  • 3 axis accelerometer +-50mg precision

  • 3 axis magnetometer 6° precision

  • Pressure sensor +/- 10 Pa precision

  • Ultrasound sensors for ground altitude measurement

  • 60 fps vertical QVGA camera for ground speed measurement

Robust structure

Trying your most daring tricks won’t even challenge this cutting edge design which is made to last.

  • Carbon fiber tubes : Total weight 380g with outdoor hull, 420g with indoor hull

  • High grade 30% fiber charged nylon plastic parts

  • Foam to isolate the inertial center from the engines’ vibration

  • EPP hull injected by a sintered metal mold

  • Liquid Repellent Nano-Coating on ultrasound sensors

  • Fully reparable: All parts and instructions for repairing available on the internet


Fly high. Fly fast. Far away from the ground.

  • 4 brushless inrunner motors. 14.5W 28,500 RMP

  • Micro ball bearing

  • Low noise Nylatron gears for 1/8.75 propeller reductor

  • Tempered steel propeller shaft

  • Self-lubrificating bronze bearing

  • Specific high propelled drag for great maneuverability

  • 8 MIPS AVR CPU per motor controller

  • 3 elements 1000 mA/H LiPo rechargeable battery (Autonomy: 12 minutes)

  • Emergency stop controlled by software

  • Fully reprogrammable motor controller

  • Water resistant motor’s electronic controller

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