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sysarmy is the Argentine Systems Community, who brings together all IT professionals for knowledge exchange and fun.


Our IRC channel is where we gather every day, at any hour. No matter if it is for technical questions or just for fun: #sysarmy at
Technical Q&A site where users also get points for each interaction.
In our blog we publish news and articles, related to our community and IT in general.
You can like our Facebook page and get news, how-to's, articles and funny posts.
You can also follow us on @sysarmy.
In this group you will find job postings.
We organize our events and meetups using
In our mailing list you can find technical questions and announcements.
We get together once a month at Genk Beer House. Check with us in IRC or any of the previous links for the schedule.


It's not a good idea to attend AdminBeers while being on-call. Don't drink and type.


[email protected]